This is a very exciting time to be a part of Putnam High School. As you may have heard we have recently finished renovating our school and updating our facilities. As students, this means you will have more opportunities to use the brand new facilities (such as a Black Box Theater and a brand new gymnasium).

These new facilities will also support our energetic and motivated staff members who have worked hard over the past five years to implement a new comprehensive curriculum. Some of you might be asking "What is a comprehensive curriculum?" In simple terms - we at PHS believe in offering courses and opportunities both within core classes (English, Science, Math, History and Social Sciences) and the Arts (World Language, Art, Music, Business, Technology, Information Science, etc.). At PHS you will have the opportunity to work with your guidance counselor to build a schedule that meets both your graduation requirements and your interests.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, Putnam High School also offers a variety of activities, clubs, and athletics for our students. These sports and clubs help foster the core values we "Clippers" believe in, which are: Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Integrity.

As you become a member of our Clipper Nation please feel free to see any staff member (or even an upperclassmen student) if you have any questions about anything.