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Music News

All students are musicians at PES! Music is an integral part of our daily culture, and we strive to be able to not only enjoy it, but also understand it. We use a methodology created by John Feierabend to create literate and successful musicians. Students in grades PK-2 focus on readiness for musical literacy with three goals. Each child should have 1) comfortable and accurate singing skills, 2) Comfortable and accurate moving skills with the beat in metrical groupings of 2 and 3, and 3) Expressive sensitivity. In short, our primary students are “tuneful, beatful, and artful.” Reaching these three goals provides a firm musical foundation of skills for any developing musician. In grades 3-5, music is taught in a “whole language” approach. Each unit is taught with students mastering a concept aurally first, followed by visually. After the concept is mastered both aurally and visually, students learn to record their ideas and the ideas on paper. In the fourth grade, we also incorporate this learning into the mastery of playing the recorder. For the recorder we use a curriculum called “Recorder Karate.” In the fifth grade, students put their musical skills to use by learning to play the ukulele. For the ukulele, we use a curriculum called “Rainbow Ukulele.” If you ever have any questions about your student’s musical education, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is [email protected].