Special Education

Dear Families and Community Members:

Welcome to the Putnam Special Education website. The Putnam Department of Student Services is dedicated to ensuring that students, ages three to twenty-one, who require special education services will receive instruction designed to meet their individual learning needs. Our goal is for each student to achieve at a high level.  To this end, the Department of Special Education provides a variety of support services which may include  specialized instruction, speech and language therapy,  occupational therapy, physical therapy or  counseling with school psychologists or social workers. Special education and general education faculty and staff members work closely together to foster learning environments that support students in their work toward attaining Putnam’s curriculum standards.

Educating our children involves a school, home and community partnership.  Parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to communicate with the  schools and with the Special Education Department regarding any questions or concerns.  My office is located within Putnam Middle School and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kristine B. Drew
Director of Special Education

Staff Contacts

NamePhoneJob Title
Kristine B. Drew(860) 963-6900 ext. 4019

Director of Special Education

Heidi L. Clifford

(860) 963-6900 ext. 4021

Student Services Secretary