Vision of a Putnam Learner

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Vision of a graduate

What is Vision of a Putnam Learner?

Making 21st century learning a reality for all students!

Many school systems have engaged their communities to develop and implement a Portrait of a Graduate—a collective vision articulating the community's aspirations for its students.

Our Work at Putnam Public Schools

Administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members were involved in the process of determining what our Portrait of a Graduate, or what has now been coined, Portrait of a Putnam Learner will look like.

The committee examined suggestions from staff across the district about three distinctive traits that were felt graduates of Putnam Public schools should possess. It was clear, that as a learning community we all think very much along the same lines.

As the committee narrowed down the essential traits of a Putnam learner, the committee began formulating what specific traits were important to our learners and how we would present them across Putnam Public schools.

Our Vision

Putnam Public School graduates...

are independent learners who can apply their knowledge for different purposes. They are resilient, persistent and adaptable and can embrace the future. With empathy and understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives our learners can work in a collaborative fashion to find creative solutions to problems. Failure is viewed as an opportunity for future success and exploration of the world is encouraged.

The tag-line, Passionate, Empowered Proud was also developed at the meeting as how our students should feel as they are on their educational journey here in Putnam Public Schools.

The Putnam “P” is seen as a unifying symbol across the district to represent Putnam Public Schools.