Putnam’s curriculum documents contain the standards by which we define the skills, knowledge and understandings we believe all students need in order to become well-educated and well-prepared citizens for a global society.  Based on the Connecticut Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), there are clear outcomes that provide teachers, students, parents and the community with the basis of what students should know and be able to do at every grade level.  The curriculum process is dynamic is continuously being upgraded with more engaging and timely content.  Our online platform, Rubicon Atlas provides a visual organization that allows one to make meaning of the content in a more concrete manner.  Assessment results drive curriculum and instruction and are designed to be responsive to student needs and are aligned with the standards with coherence at the grade level and across grade levels. Teachers continuously looks for creative ways in which to assess students, particularly with those skills needed to compete in a 21st Century work environment.  When possible, we replace dated assessments with those that are more modern and help students express what they know in more realistic and genuine way in these times of rapid technological change.  Making this a priority, helps us focus on accomplishing our efforts.  Content and assessments are deliberately reviewed and replacements ask us to determine what our students need to know and how can they demonstrate that more effectively. Disciplines are viewed rigorously and new courses are considered with student choice in mind as well as integrating in real-world practice, transference and infusion of technology and media.

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Staff Contacts

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Donna MaynardCurriculum Director(860) 963-6900 ext 4031
Heidi CarpenterCurriculum Secretary(860) 963-6900 ext 4023